Categories: "exhibitions" or "Bismarck tower in bochum" or "Essen-Middleage Phantasy Spectaculum" or "Kevelar" or "Klais organ uni Bochum I" or "Klais organ uni Bochum II" or "Muenster" or "Muenster - Muehlenhof" or "Xanten" or "Zuiderzeemuseum" or "archaeological park in Xanten" or "castle Drachenfels" or "castle burg" or "cathedral and synagogue in Essen" or "cathedral in Koeln" or "coal-mine Zollern II/IV in Dortmund" or "coal-mine Zollverein in Essen" or "high dynamic range image" or "coking plant Hansa in Dortmund" or "gasometer in Oberhausen" or "henrichshut in Hattingen" or "high dynamic range image" or "horizon observatory Recklinghausen" or "kasteeltuinen in Arcen" or "mining industry museum Bochum" or "mosque in Duisburg Marxloh" or "north star park in Gelsenkirchen" or "open-air museum Kommern" or "park cemetery Essen" or "railway museum in Bochum-Dahlhausen" or "region park north in Duisburg I" or "region park north in Duisburg II" or "rhenish industry museum in Oberhausen" or "roman museum in Xanten" or "ship canal lift Henrichenburg" or "stockpile Haniel" or "stockpile Rheinelbe" or "tetrahedron Emscherblick" or "transf. station Recklinghausen"

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in memory of my father
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